Self seeding plants in Cornish garden

I once read somewhere that a weed is just a plant in a place that you don’t want it to be.
When I was a kid I used to walk down an alley to the local sweet shop where the railings were covered with a climber with white trumpet flowers. I used to pick the flowers for my Mum, along with some dandelions and she always put them in a little vase when I got home. Yet now I’m fighting a losing battle with bindweed and dandelions growing in places in my garden where I don’t want them!

Plants love self seeding in the gravel in my garden.  I get a lot of plants that I don’t want aka weeds; but also lots of plants that I do. I let them establish themselves in the gravel, telling Dan to mind where he’s walking when he’s taking a stroll around! He can never figure out if I consider a plant friend or foe so he’s stopped pulling them up now.
Forget-me-knots, hardy geraniums, geums, fennel, various grasses, alchemilla mollis and verbena bonariensis all do well. There’s often too many plants self seeded so these I pop into pots and grow them on to give to family or friends.

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