Buterflies a Cornish Garden

When I was choosing plants for my new garden I made sure there would be plenty of flowers that would encourage bees and butterflies to come and visit.

Last week the dark red Sedums were abuzz with bees of all sizes and on one plant I counted 15 bees at one time. The Buddleias and Scabiosas were popular with butterflies including tortoiseshell, painted lady, red admiral, large whites and wall brown

It was fascinating watching the butterflies in the sunshine, fighting each other for the best flower, some like the painted lady lingering, while the whites flit from flower to flower so quickly I couldn’t photograph any of them.

Everyone hates it when there plants are eaten alive by caterpillars, but if I can I let them have a bit of a munch, mindful that one day they’ll be beautiful butterflies or moths.

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